you like your girls insane.

used to be liekinthozmudkipz
Name's Chelsea. I'm in college and I'm a volunteer firefighter. My favorite colors are black and aqua. I love Kerli, Lana Del Rey, Taylor Momsen, Porcelain Black, and Emilie Autumn, and I idolize Nancy Sinatra. No, out of the two girls in the picture above I am not the hot one; I'm just as disappointed as you. The only girl I'm fortunate enough to be is NOT one of those bitchy cunts who hates on other girls for looking better than them.
^ The original GOLD DUST WOMAN, Samantha Rose / AlexiaLiebert/ TheQueenAnt / FRONTWOMAN OF CARLOTTA STEEL.
Thanks to my gorgeous Sam-a-sarus Rex I also have unhealthy imaginary relationships with Billie Piper and Alex Kingston. I LOVED CARLOTTA STEEL BEFORE THEY WERE COOL. Called it.

It hurts every day, the absence of someone who was once there. – Marie Lu, Champion  (via snowsh1ne)

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